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Terms and Conditions – MyStory

MyStory is a platform for everyone to be able to write and share their stories, experiences, knowledge, hacks, opinions and inspirations with millions of people. While you are at it, please keep in mind the terms and conditions for writing on the platform.

We can change these terms at any time. If a change is substantial, all account holders will be notified about the same and will be subject to the new terms and conditions thereafter.

  • Authors own the rights to the content. In case of plagiarism/copyright infringement the author will be held liable.
  • MyStory has non-exclusive rights to the content submitted. It can be displayed on any other platform in any other form by the owner themselves. Owners can also post content that they have posted on other platforms as long as they have the right to do so.
  • MyStory reserves the right to enable advertisement services on the content posted on the website. The content can also be used to promote MyStory.
  • We can remove any content from the platform for any reasons. Reasoning will be provided upon request.
  • MyStory is for people who are 16 years of age and above. No children will be permitted to write on the platform.
  • MyStory is not liable to publish every piece of content submitted. We hold the right to reject stories if it doesn’t comply with our editorial policy.
  • No content owner is allowed to charge to write for MyStory, if anyone internally or externally charges you for the same, please write to mystory@yourstory.com